THE ART OF REFURBISHING QUAD VIDEO HEADS New ferrite cores are precisely mounted on the carriers and winding done according to specs After  the diameter of disc is controled, segments and head tips are mounted on disc After tips and segments are assembled, the 90 degree angle between heads is adjusted To adjust the 90 degree between transducers gap we are using a system of high precision mechanic disc divider and optical magnifying camera and a monitor. We also verify the gaps azimuth and the coplane of the transducers in this operation The bare aluminum casting base is thoroughly cleaned and inspected The arm-guide assembly is totally disassembled, cleaned and inspected. The parts that are out of specifications are replaced or reworked Guide positioning cam (Play & Record), guide and edge of tape support are carefully inspected and replaced as needed As part of the rebuilding process the video head unit is totally disassembled Gaskets and rubber seals are replaced and air filter cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner New gaskets and filter are installed on the base After the base and the motor stator are cleaned and inspected they are assembled together Guide penetration adjustment cam for PLAY and RECORD is assembled on the base Motor shaft is attached to the head drum; concentricity and tachometer adjustment are done at this time The arm/guide assembly is attached to the base. Base with arm/guide assembly, control track head, tachometer pickup, solenoid, head drum and tachometer signal processing housing. All these components have been tested and adjusted to specs The rotary transformer is rebuild and calibrated, ball and adjustment screw changed. Complete base assembly without video signal preamp. Ready for motor balancing and posterior ferrite transducer contouring The balancing of the motor is done on special high pressicion equipment exclusively designed for quad heads The contouring of the ferrite poles is done with special abrasive tapes until the correct tip projection is reached The video head is calibrated and tested on the VTR machine After calibration and testing the MARK X video head is ready for shipping
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