Repair & Alignment

We specialize in the repair and alignment of Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, DVCAM, and DVC PRO recorders, cameras, camcorders and dockables. Our technicians each have over 25 years of broadcast equipment repair experience and are factory certified to service your equipment

Steven Smith Video Service Manager Videomagnetics, Inc Your equipment will be thoroughly inspected as we work on it. While your camera or recorder is in our repair center, we will keep you informed and involved. We know that in this day and age people are more concerned with digital cameras and using the latest O2uk BROADBAND to make and edit films, which means it can be hard to find a way to repair your camera. We are here to help you with that problem and to ensure you can carry on using it for a long time to come.
Only appropriated and necessary repairs will be performed. We will respond to your turn around needs in every way that we can. The repair is not complete until you are satisfied.
In addition to Sony products, our technicians are also experienced with Ikegami, Panasonic and JVC. Repair on other types of equipment are available. Please contact us with any questions. . Expert camera alignments and / or camera matching is also part of our services. We can set your camera back to factory specs, or make ‘special’ adjustments at your request.

Another service we offer is the refurbishment of your studio machines, dockables and camcorders. Our aim is to give you the factory-level service you expect, at a lower cost. On all machines we clean and lubricate, then check and align tape handling, servos, audio and video. We do not replace parts that do not need to be replaced, we will repair parts that can be repaired. We understand that you want a reliable machine at the lowest cost, but if you want it "LIKE NEW", we can do that too!
Email me if you have any inquiry:

Steven Smith

Video Service Manager
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